I study questions in medicine and health policy using econometric methods and machine learning tools.

I am an Associate Professor and the Blue Cross of California Distinguished Professor of Health Policy and Management at the Berkeley School of Public Health. I teach classes on machine learning and health (syllabus for my undergraduate class here).

Before Berkeley, I was an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School. I continue to practice emergency medicine, here.

I run a lab with Sendhil Mullainathan, which is joint between Berkeley and the University of Chicago. We hire 1-2 pre-doctoral fellows every year. Previous fellows have gone on to PhD programs (e.g., MIT computer science; Harvard, MIT, Stanford economics) and MD or MD/PhD programs (e.g., Harvard, Stanford). Please check the lab page for application details. We also work with a number of PhD students at Berkeley, Chicago, Stanford, and Harvard.

A short CV is here. Bios of various lengths, talk abstracts, and high resolution picture are here.

Contact: zobermeyer at berkeley edu* / @oziadias

*I’m so sorry if I don’t respond to an email, please don’t hesitate to resend it. I struggle to stay on top of my inbox and often fail.