LMLM + Lagom P64. I use Heart beans from Bartavelle in Berkeley, perhaps my favorite coffee shop of all time.


I started keeping track of my favorite places for coffee while traveling a few years ago. If I’ve missed an obvious one somewhere, please let me know!

I’ve been asked a few times why Seattle is not here. It’s complicated. I lived in Seattle ages ago; it’s where my coffee problem started. But when I went back to my then-favorite cafe, Caffe Vita, it was just too dark for me. I guess my tastes have changed, and I just haven’t spent enough time there recently to have an informed opinion on the many great coffee shops I know are there. I did have a great coffee at Mr West downtown when I was there for a conference and couldn’t make it further afield. This is obviously TMI, but if you’re all the way down here you have no one to blame but yourself.